• Michelle Medler Quartet
    Performing in Boston, MA at the Lilypad with Yoron Israel on drums & Rick Peckham on guitar!
    Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra summer workshop band performs at the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival with guest artists.
  • The Quadraphonnes
    "Get the Funk Out!" CD Release Party & video shoot at Jimmy Mak's Sept. 2014!
  • trombone 8 plus workshop students
    Trombone 8 plus the summer trombone workshop students join together to create the Multnomah Trombone Ensemble! An opulent sound!
  • shanghai woolies
    Have NEW ORIGINAL TUNES for a New Orleans party/club set! Woolies meet modern NOLA brass band music!
  • Michelle Medler Quintet
    Performing at the PDX JAZZ FESTIVAL with Ben Turner on Keys, Edwin Coleman III on Drums, Ben Medler on Bass, Mike Doolin on Guitar


  • mystery seed
    A cosmic cocktail of new music!

    Mystery Seed is a cosmic cocktail of new music, grown from the seeds of 1970’s rock, funk, Jazz fusion mixed with 90’s metal, hip-hop & beyond. The expansive backgrounds and vast musical interests of its individual members collide to form a new sonic universe. This 6 piece band has 4 multi-instrumentalists, giving a full spectrum of color to their overall blend. Influences include: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jamiroquai, Groove Collective, Miles Davis Electric Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Celia Cruz, Stevie Wonder, Sly & the Family Stone, The Police, Pink Floyd. Imagine the sounds this mysterious seed will sprout!

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  • Shanghai Woolies
    8 piece 1920's-40's Swing

    The Shanghai Woolies are a headlining act at festivals & clubs & are a popular choice for private parties & corporate events. Every band member contributes to the show with multi-instrumentalists, character acts & vocal stylings. The Shanghai Woolies provide entertainment in the style of the flapper era. Having 4+ vocalists and a songbook of more than 150 songs, they have a diverse show and the ability to fit many events. Capturing the essence of the hot jazz era, they are doing more than merely imitating the sound of the day. Instead, they have given the music renewed vigor, utilizing every trick at their disposal, while playing the bushwa out of some pretty complicated music. Anyone who pines to hear jazz the way it was once played in the early years: hard and hot, will love what the Shanghai Woolies are doing. They evoke an era gone by in such a way as to make the music current. They are the cat's meow!

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  • The quadraphonnes
    4 piece Sax quartet / All styles
    6-8 Piece Funk / Jazz / Pop band

    This versitile ensemble can provide chamber music as a saxophone quartet or add their rhythm section to bring a full-on funk show! MUSIC OF MANY FLAVORS. ALWAYS SPICY! Not only do they play saxophone, these women are singing, writing & utilizing their multifaceted talents to create a whole new approach to the saxophone quartet. These strong, talented, ladies break the boundaries of the genre with their mighty chops, tantalizing grooves, soaring solos and dynamic vocals. Covering a variety of musical styles from jazz-funk-pop, to avant-garde, gypsy-punk and classical, the quads put on a great show!

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  • Michelle Medler
    Trio / quartet / quintet

    Music that swings hard, is full of melodic rich sounds, with plenty of attitude and adventurous harmony. This is Michelle Medler's band! Michelle is a versitle multi-instrumentalist & vocalist who has had regular trio gigs in wine bars & fronted her Quartet at many festivals and clubs. Her group has been a big hit at private parties and weddings. When possible, she loves to play with her quintet that includes both guitar and keyboards for more of an R'n'B groove sound. Deeply rooted in swing tradition, Michelle enjoys funky, modern Jazz sounds, laced with interesting harmony. Her shows are usually a mixture of Jazz, Latin and funk standards with her original tunes, but can be catered to any event. A fun, interactive group of top-call musicians, passionate about what they do.

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  • ben medler
    Trio / quartet / quintet

    The lush sound of trombone with bass and drums conjures a comfortable atmosphere at a party. Ben Medler usually plays trombone, trumpet, flugel horn & sings in this group, however, depending on the circumstances, you may find him playing bass in his small group. A blend of the great Jazz composers like: Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Thelonius Monk, George Gershwin, & Miles Davis. Ben's group can be a 3-5 musicians to fit the size of your venue. Add the finishing touch to your event!

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  • medler septet
    or sextet

    Jazz at it’s boiling point! Dynamic horns mixed with lively percussion, soulful grooves, and rich harmony. The Medler Septet takes listeners on a journey with alluring Latin rhythms and original compositions. Some of the Northwest’s finest musicians are regular members of this Portland, OR based ensemble. The band can work as a 6-piece group without the percussion.

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